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Sexual Addiction Recovery
Same-Sex Attraction
Transgender Issues
Sexual Abuse Recovery
General Recovery Issues
For Families of Strugglers
Family Relationships
Miscellaneous Issues
Living Waters Testimonies
Vintage Reconciliation Ministries Newsletters

Sexual Addiction Recovery

Overcoming the Effects of Porn: Rebooting Your Brain
Pornography: The False Escape
Delivered from Sexual Addiction
Acknowledging Your Need
The Cross: Resurrecting the True Self
Praying Beyond Our Temptations
Understanding Your Attraction Profile
The Perceived Benefits of Sin
Healthy Sexuality
The Chains of Pornography
The Body, Soul and Spirit Battlefronts
The Cycle of Addiction
Creating Your Personal Action Plan
Do You Have an Accountability Partner?
Relapse Prevention
Rebuilding the Ruins: Recovery in the Book of Nehemiah
Two Voices in the Streets

Same-Sex Attraction

No Longer Alone
Foundations Restored - A Life Transformed
A Couple's Testimony of God's Healing
The Building Blocks of Homosexuality
Homosexuality and the Church - Part One
Homosexuality and the Church - Part Two
Differing Views on Christian Doctrine, Identity and Homosexuality
Gay and Christian: Can I Be?
Such Were Some of You: A Vision for More
Delivered from Despair
Freedom from Sin and Shame
A Closed Heart Looking for Love
A Biblical Response to the Gay-Affirming Church
Speaking the Truth In Love: The Health Risks of Homosexual Activity

Transgender Issues

Transgender: What is it and how did we get here from there?
The Building Blocks of Gender Confusion
The Risks of Transgender-Affirming Treatment
Gender Confusion and Culture

Sexual Abuse Recovery

Healing from Abuse through the Power of the Cross
A Spark of Life
The Types of Abuse
The False Guilt of Abuse
What Does an Abuser Look Like?
Characteristics of Abusive Families
Restoring Initiative: Utter Dependence on God
Overcoming Isolation
Do Not Despise Your Strength!
Afraid of God? Lessons from the Cats...
God Knows Where You Are AND He Cares
Recovery from Sexual Abuse - A Life Transformed
Healing from Sexual Abuse
Restoration from Abuse and Relationship Addiction
Saved from Darkness
God IS Eager to Heal Us
Beauty Restored

General Recovery Issues

Finding God in the Mess
Considering Your Life on the Mat?

A Celebration of Thanksgiving
Healthy Boundaries
Developing Healthy Relationships
Relationships Are Scary: Building Healthy Relationships
The Power of a Mother Wound
Overcoming the Mother Wound
When My Mother and Father Forsake Me
Empowering Our Will through Relationship with the Father
The Blessings of Forgiveness
The Challenges of Forgivess
Sexual Brokenness in Southeast Asia
Healing from Grief
A Testimony of Surrender
Forgiveness: The Shovel to Freedom
What Reconciliation Ministries Stands For

For Families of Strugglers

Where Does the Journey Begin: The Son or Daughter's Struggle
Healing the Hearts of Parents: Two Parents at Different Points in their Journey
Some Lessons Learned from Life's Experiences with our LGBTQ Daughter
A Message from the Control Tower
Love: The Key to a Healing Heart
Healing Hearts
Ten Steps for a Parent with a Hurting Heart

Family Relationships

Developing a Relationship with Your Kids
Talking to Your Teen
Raising Sexually Healthy Kids
Repenting to Your Son or Daughter
Letting the Prodigal Go
Home for the Holidays
Dysfunctional Family Roles
Adult Children of Divorce
Being Single Through the Holidays
A Gift to Yourself this Christmas
How Do I Talk to My LGBT Identified Relative this Christmas?

Miscellaneous Issues

An Expanded Vision: More Lives to Reach
Why Some Adults are Attracted to Children
Redeemed from the Depths of Dispair (Redemption for Sex Offenders)
Trusting God Again - Recovery from Spiritual Abuse, Part One
Trusting God Again - Recovery from Spiritual Abuse, Part Two
The Pre-Abuse Set-up
Are You in the Wilderness?
"Lord, Don't You Care that We're Going to Drown?"
Prayer in the Valley
Finding God in the Storm
Pick Up Your Mat and Walk
Hope Deferred - Hope Displaced
The Union of Spirituality and Therapy
Naaman: A Leader Who Needed Help

Living Waters Testimonies

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Vintage Reconciliation Ministries Newsletters

How Can I Walk in the Spirit?
An Honest Look at Temptation
Why Am I Still Tempted?
Is "Ex-Gay Really Anti-Gay"?
Ex-Gay - How "Ex" Is It?