Strengthening the Roots


Dear Friend,

As I’ve been pondering and praying about what the Lord would have us focus on in 2019, He has been speaking to my heart to strengthen the roots of the ministry. 2019 will be the 35th anniversary year for Reconciliation Ministries. We began in 1984 with the focus of helping men and women walk away from homosexuality and embrace Biblical sexuality. Through the years, the roots expanded to include helping people overcome heterosexual sin, sexual addiction, sexual abuse, and transgender issues.

These roots have brought life to the healing branches of Reconciliation Ministries. The Living Waters program helps people struggling with sexual and relational brokenness experience healing through Christ. Mending the Soul is our newest branch, and helps men and women overcome the trauma of abuse. The Healing Hearts group helps parents of LGBTQ identified individuals learn how to love their sons and daughters as Jesus does without compromising their Biblical convictions. Our Walking Free support group has helped others begin their healing journey and gain trust that Jesus really does have the answer for their struggles. Additional healing branches include licensed professional counseling, prayer ministry, speaking engagements, seminars, and educational resources like our monthly newsletter.

Through your prayers and financial support, these branches have helped countless men, women and adolescents find healing and transformation through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ. You have helped to touch lives in Metro Detroit, across the US, and in Southeast Asia. Thank you for changing hearts for all of eternity.

In 2019, Reconciliation Ministries and support team members like you will continue to strengthen the roots and branches of the ministry to ensure that we offer the most effective ministerial and professional care available for people struggling with sexual sin and the aftermath of abuse.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!

Dan Hitz and your friends at Reconciliation Ministries of Michigan, Inc.

P.S. You can have an eternal impact on lives that are desperate for the transformation that Jesus has to offer. Your prayers and financial support of Reconciliation Ministries are an essential part of this ministry. Join our monthly support team by making a secure, online donation by clicking here.