You Are Not Alone!!!

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Men and women who are wrestling with unwanted LGBTQ issues often feel like they're the only ones seeking freedom from unwanted same-sex attraction and transgender issues. Sometimes it seems like everyone else is embracing and celebrating those desires. Similarly, those wrestling with the aftermath of sexual abuse may feel like they're forever tainted and trapped in a mindset of victimization or unhealthy self-protection that leaves them feeling hopeless and isolated. Popular culture viciously attacks those who seek to submit their sexuality to Christ and live for Him. So often, we can feel like the prophet Elijah as he was running from the powers of his day. We ask ourselves, "Am I the only one who doesn't want to embrace homosexuality? Am I the only one who __________" There are many struggles that can fill in that blank.

The truth is that there are countless overcomers. There are many who refused to bend their knee to the gods of this age and have found victory in their fight against sin and abuse. Your support of Reconciliation Ministries helps bring hope and healing to those who feel alone in their struggles. You help provide a safe place where those who feel isolated can experience the truth, that Jesus Christ can heal and restore. Your prayers and financial support of Reconciliation Ministries can help set the captive free.

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In Christ,

Dan Hitz and your brothers and sisters at Reconciliation Ministries of Michigan, Inc.