Speaking of Homosexuality – Leanne Payne

Leanne Payne is one of the early pioneers of inner healing prayer for people struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction. Healing Homosexuality presents a good introduction to some of the potential root issues of homosexuality, and how the Lord can heal the heart of the struggler. This book is a condensed version of her classic, The Broken Image, and a good start for those beginning their journey out of homosexuality.

The Gay Gospel? – Joe Dallas
Harvest House

Joe Dallas formerly identified both as a gay advocate and a Christian. He wrestled with the idea of reconciling his homosexuality with his Christian faith, and eventually came to the conclusion that God’s will for his life was to repent of homosexuality and embrace Biblical sexuality. In The Gay Gospel?, Dallas writes from experience to explain the Scriptural beliefs of the gay affirming church, and a traditional Biblical response. He does so with a unique blend of compassion and conviction. This book covers theological topics while Speaking of Homosexuality explores cultural issues.

Speaking of Homosexuality – Joe Dallas
Baker Books

In Speaking of Homosexuality, Joe Dallas explains how to have clear, compassionate conversations about the many cultural challenges concerning homosexuality. He helps the reader understand the heart of the traditionalist who holds to conservative Biblical principles; and understand the heart of revisionists, those who affirm homosexuality. He explains the revisionist’s viewpoints on a wide variety of issues, and presents a balanced traditionalist’s response. This book is very helpful in understanding the complex cultural issues surrounding homosexuality.

Gay Girl, Good God - Jackie Hill Perry
B & H Publishing Group

With honest, spoken word poetry, Jackie Hill Perry tells of her rejection of her own personal feminism, her journey into lesbianism, and the powerful rescue of a good God to touch her heart when she least expected Him to. You’ll read her honest account of her overwhelming victories and her desperate struggles, as she learns to trust the Lord to teach her how to follow Him. She offers practical advice to anyone surrendering their LGBTQ desires, to those who love them, and to the church who wonders what to do with them. This is a powerful read, and an even more powerful listen with the audio edition.

Transgender Issues

When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement
Ryan T Anderson – Encounter Books – 2018

Ryan T Anderson, Ph.D., is the William E. Simon senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and the founder and editor of Public Discourse. He presents an in-depth exploration of the cultural and legal issues in the transgender movement. He explains how the transgender movement achieved the overwhelming influence it has today, and how transgender activists have pressured the medical and therapeutic community to focus solely on transgender affirming treatment rather than to explore and resolve the underlying issues of gender dysphoria. Anderson presents testimonies from men and women who have experienced sex change regret, and also presents a thorough exploration of the trends of transgender affirming therapy on young children and teens. This book is not presented as a Christian work; however, the values and insights presented are consistent with conservative Christian values.


Trans Life Survivors Walt Heyer
Self Published – 2018

Walt Heyer was born a male and surgically transitioned to female when he was 42 years old. In spite of living as a woman for eight years, Heyer recognized that his transition failed to bring him the peace he had hoped for. His gender dysphoria grew worse. He detransitioned back to his male identity and now helps men and women who are experiencing the pain of sex change regret. This book includes testimonies from men and women who have reached out to him for help, an overview of the research on gender dysphoria and sex change regret, and lessons learned through many years of ministry. Trans Life Survivors will likely be a difficult read for parents and loved ones of transgender identified individuals; however, it offers an honest look at the transgender industry and life after transition.


Understanding Gender Confusion – Denise Shick
Help 4 Families Press

This book is a good introduction to gender dysphoria and transgender issues for strugglers and those who love them. In Understanding Gender Confusion, Denise Shick does an excellent job of presenting the emotional roots of gender confusion and the challenges of overcoming gender issues. Shick also looks at the political and cultural issues of transgender issues and explores the problems associated with hormone therapy and sex change regret. She presents the information with an easy to understand Biblical and compassionate worldview. Shick is the founder of Help 4 Families, a ministry serving those struggling with transgender issues and their families. You can find them on the internet at www.help4families.org.


God and the Transgender Debate – Andrew T. Walker
The Good Book Company

God and the Transgender Debate presents a thorough look at the cultural and political issues concerning transgender issues in order to help us understand how transgender issues have become so prevalent, so quickly, in our society. Walker does an excellent job of helping the reader understand the struggles that someone dealing with gender identity issues goes through and how the church can respond in a Biblical and compassionate manner. He also looks at God’s design for our sexuality, and answers some tough questions we in the church may have as we seek to love those struggling with transgender issues with the love of Christ. Although this book does not cover the healing process deeply, it is still a valuable read to understand the heart of the issue.

Pornography and Sexual Addiction

Falling Forward – Craig Lockwood
Desert Stream Press

This Christian workbook is an excellent tool in your journey to overcome pornography and sexual addiction. It can be used independently, or in a group. Falling Forward incorporates many of the principles of the Living Waters program and includes additional information on the cycle of addiction and boundaries. Each chapter includes questions to help the reader understand how the topics apply to his life. Readers will also create a personal action plan to give them practical steps to follow in their recovery. This workbook is available directly from Desert Stream Ministries at www.desertstream.org.

Every Man’s Battle – Stephen Arterburn and Fred Stoeker
Water Brook Press

 Every Man’s Battle and Every Young Man’s Battle are well respected, Christian classics in the area of pornography and sexual addiction. These books include helpful information on overcoming addiction and reframing our worldview to empower us to submit our sexuality to Christ. Both books include a workbook which readers can use individually or in a group. One concern I do have about Every Man’s Battle is that the testimonies tend to include details which the reader may find slightly triggering; nevertheless, these books can be beneficial in one’s recovery process.

Out of the Shadows – Patrick Carnes, Ph.D

Out of the Shadows is a powerful classic on the subject of pornography and sexual addiction. Patrick Carnes does an excellent job of helping the reader understand the, mindset of both the addict and the codependent/enabler in an addict’s life. He provides practical information to both in the process of overcoming sexual addiction, understanding the roots of addiction, and counting the cost of addiction. It is important to note that this is a secular book which does not uphold biblical boundaries for sexual expression. Many of the testimonies may include information that could be triggering to the reader. Nevertheless, the valuable information in this book outweighs the potential negative aspects. Out of the Shadows is a good resource for addicts, their loved ones, and those who are ministering to sexual addicts.

Wired for Intimacy – William M. Struthers, Ph.D
InterVarsity Press

 Wired for Intimacy is a Christian book that looks at the roots and effects of pornography from a biblical worldview. The book also looks at the crisis in masculinity in today’s culture. Wired for Intimacy offers an extremely clinical explanation of the brain’s neurochemical response to pornography; however, it does not explore the process of “rebooting your brain” or how the brain can “rewire” itself as an addict embraces recovery. Wired for Intimacy offers a brief introduction to recovery; however, rather than covering recovery in-depth, the book provides a list of resources that the reader can pursue for more information.

General Recovery

Pure Heart - Tom and Donna Cole

"Pure Heart: Restoration of the Heart through the Beatitudes" is a journey into the deep treasures of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Each chapter addresses one of the eight Beatitudes in a unique approach to inner healing. God longs for us to know Him, and He wants to heal the wounds in our hearts. You may find it difficult to receive love from God or from others because of past abuse or neglect, but desire to go deeper into the Lord's heart. This book is for you. You will discover God's abiding affections toward you and explore His promises over you. As you seek Him for healing, may He restore your heart to wholeness and fulfill the promises of blessing in your life. Tom and Donna Cole have ministered in restoration of the heart and inner healing since 1989. Their desire is to see the Church walk in fullness without the hindrance of wounds and shame. They have spoken nationally and internationally on the healing heart of the Father and speak at conferences, seminars and retreats on issues such as the deeper Christian life and having a life of prayer. They also speak at Pure Heart seminars and retreats, based on this book. For more information, you can visit their website at www.pureheartseminars.com. Tom and Donna reside in Kansas City, Missouri with their four children.