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We are pleased to announce our next Mending the Soul support group for survivors of abuse and neglect. Overcome debilitating shame and trauma caused by sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Learn to stand in your true identity in Christ. Mending the Soul will be run by licensed professional therapists and effectively combines Scripture and effective Christian insights and recovery experiences. The group will meet every Monday evening from 7pm to 8:30pm beginning in June and running 14 weeks. Call 586.739.5114 for registration and tuition information. Don’t stay hidden in shame and darkness anymore.

This program has been developed by Dr. Steve and Celestia Tracy, founders of Mending the Soul Ministries.

The Victims of abuse are legion.

They live in your neighborhood, play with your children, and attend your church. In the United States

  • one in three women will be physically assaulted by an intimate partner.

  • around 1.5 million children are abused or neglected annually.

  • at east 25 percent of girls experience contact sexual abuse.

But there is hope.

God delights in mending shattered souls. However, healing doesn't come by ignoring the problem of abuse, minimizing its complexities, or downplaying its devastating impact. Healing comes by fully understanding the nature and ramifications of abuse, and by following a biblical path of restoration that allows God's grace to touch the heart's deep wounds.

Mending the Soul sounds the call and leads the charge. Thorough and accessible, here at last is a unique and powerful resource for understanding and healing victims of abuse.

The above information is taken from the back cover of Mending the Soul: Understanding and Healing Abuse by Dr. Steven R. Tracy. Published by Zondervan Publishing, 2005.

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