Current Events and Transformation


You may be aware of some issues that have been in the national news quite a bit lately. The enemy of our souls wants to thoroughly discourage us from being faithful to Scripture and living our lives for Christ. It is in the times of shaking that we need to remember First Corinthians 6:9-11. That section of Scripture lists many sins that will keep us from entering into the Kingdom of God. Fortunately, verse 11 gives those who surrender their lives to Christ precious promises. We can be cleansed. We can be made holy. We can be made right with God.

A former ministry leader who helped men and women overcome unwanted same-sex attraction for over twenty years has recently come out as gay. This man has been very public in his renunciation of any ministry that helps men and women overcomer unwanted same-sex attraction or transgender issues, and has been apologizing profusely for all the “harm” he has caused in his years of ministry. He has been giving multiple interviews on national media and has the stated goal to “ban conversion therapy wholesale”. He has joined the ranks of other former ex-gay ministry leaders who have abandoned the call to Biblical sexuality, many of whom now openly identify as gay.

Unfortunately, Christian leaders falling away from the faith and falling into sin is nothing new. Many heterosexual pastors have fallen into immorality. Nevertheless, we do not discount helping these men and women overcome their heterosexual sin, nor do we discredit the sanctity of heterosexual marriage because of the sinfulness of a few. However, when an ex-gay ministry leader falls back into homosexual sin, LGBTQ proponents quickly jump to the occasion and claim that such ministries were never valid in the first place, and in fact, cause great harm. This claim is not backed up by research and actually runs counter to research that does show benefit from working to overcome unwanted LGBTQ attractions, and that such efforts do not cause harm when practiced appropriately. Research affirms what I and countless others have experienced firsthand; Jesus Christ can and does transform hearts that are surrendered to Him. We must also recognize that the transformation process occurs at different levels for each person, and that anyone undergoing pastoral care or professional therapy will likely continue to experience some level of unwanted LGBTQ attractions while they are living in this fallen world.

The news media now uses the phrase “conversion therapy” in the context of any pastoral care or licensed therapy that helps clients overcome unwanted LGBTQ issues and align their sexuality with their Christian faith. Such care includes discipleship programs, clinical counseling, and Christian prayer and meditation. LGBTQ advocates fabricated the term conversion therapy to demonize legitimate care for unwanted LGBTQ issues, and to set those who promote LGBTQ issues at odds with the conservative Christian church. It is a strawman argument that uses guilt by association to equate any appropriate efforts to submit one’s sexuality to his or her Christian faith, with abusive methods such as electric shock therapy, ice baths, and shaming. None of these harmful practices are used by reputable therapists or pastoral caregivers. Neither Reconciliation Ministries, nor Restored Hope Network to which we belong, practice conversion therapy. Reconciliation Ministries practices biblical, compassionate care and mainstream counseling techniques to help ministry participants achieve their goals of overcoming sexual and relational brokenness. Our ministry team is composed of peer ministry volunteers and license professional counselors who respect each participant’s dignity and who are dedicated to walking with each person to Jesus Christ, the only one who can truly change hearts and transform lives.

Thank you for partnering with us to help men and women find deep healing and true freedom from sexual and relational brokenness. Please feel free to call us at 586.739.5114 if you have any questions, or if you or someone you know needs help. There is hope in Christ.