Exodus RHN 28June2013

June 28, 2013

Dear Friend of Reconciliation Ministries,

Reconciliation Ministries has helped men, women, and adolescents find freedom from sexual and relational sin since 1984. As most of you are aware, Exodus International has announced that they are closing down after 38 years of ministry to those seeking freedom from homosexuality. I wanted to send this letter to reassure you that Reconciliation Ministries will continue to present the Scriptural truths of the transformational power of Jesus Christ to deliver the repentant sinner from whatever sin he or she is struggling with. Jesus Christ can change the heart that once desired sin into a heart that desires holiness and purity.

Reconciliation Ministries is a member ministry of Restored Hope Network. RHN is made up of member ministries, counselors, and Biblical teachers who uphold Biblical truths of redemption and reach out to those struggling with sexual and relational sin. As Exodus began to fall away from key Scriptural truths over the past few years, many well-known national and international ministry leaders reached out to the Exodus leadership and called them back to Biblical principles upon which Exodus was originally founded. The principles of Matthew 18 were carefully followed. As it became clear that the leadership of Exodus would not repent, many of the member ministries (including Reconciliation Ministries) withdrew from the network and began to form the new Restored Hope Network.

This was not a spontaneous development but the result of much prayer, theological discussion, and planning. As the news of the closing of Exodus was released during the second annual conference of the RHN, we realized that it was indeed the Lord that raised up this network for such a time as this. There are some key differences between Exodus International and Restored Hope Network. RHN and Reconciliation Ministries believe in the mutual existence, function and necessity of grace with repentance. Exodus began preaching a message of grace without repentance or the need for obedience to the word of God. RHN and Reconciliation Ministries believe that the Lord is in the process of transforming the hearts of all believers who submit to Him. This includes transforming one's sin nature into a holy nature.

We acknowledge that this process occurs with different timing and in varying degrees for each person. Exodus removed the message of change and transformation from its website and practice. Additionally, RHN and Reconciliation Ministries believe that the church should not bow to cultural demands, but should remain faithful to the Scriptural instructions of how the church should function. Exodus has been lowering their Scriptural standards in order to pacify a culture which is demanding acceptance of homosexuality and a gay identity.

Reconciliation Ministries is thankful for the grace of our merciful Savior to transform the hearts of men and women and bring us out of darkness into His marvelous light. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Reconciliation Ministries at 586.739.5114 or email me directly at dhitz@recmin.org.

In Christ,

Rev. Dan Hitz LPC
Executive Director Reconciliation Ministries of Michigan